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EKG Certification – Is It Worth It?

EKG TechnicianShould you become EKG Certified?

Many people in the EKG technician field often ask themselves if they should go after an EKG certification. If you choose this path, there are many ways in which you can pursue your certification.  But, the question is, should you?  Should you spend the money, take the necessary classes, spend the time, and go through the process just to get a piece of paper.

Here are three major factors to take into consideration when deciding whether a certification is the way to go for you.


This is probably the most important for people first starting out and deciding whether it makes sense to pursue a certification.  Obviously this boils down to the individual and their personal financial situation.  Certification courses cost money, sometimes over $1000.  If you are currently in the medical field, check to see if your present employer offers free or discounted classes toward certification.  If you are just starting out, on-the-job experience is often a prerequisite for certification so you’ll want to spend time gaining real world experience then determine if certification is right for you.  Once you’ve decided to move toward an official certification, shop around, look online, and compare costs.  You should be able to find a class or training that will fit within your budget.


Time is always a huge consideration when making the decision to certify.  Your time is probably already precious, so you’ll have to determine if you have the amount of time necessary to study and achieve the EKG certification.  As is the case with any type of learning, you’ll have to find time to dedicate to your studies so you can obtain the certification as soon as possible.


People often wonder if it is really needed.  Your particular situation will dictate whether it is a pressing need or maybe just something you want to get under your belt for later use.  Assess your current and future needs and try to figure out if it is something you should pursue at your particular point of your career.  If you are currently racking up the hours of real world experience, pursuing the certification isn’t as important.  If you find you have somewhat stagnated in your career and responsibilities, you can look at exploring the certification to open additional opportunities.  Also, take a look around and see how others value the certificate.  If you spend the time and money to get EKG certified, it would be nice to know it’s valued by your current employer or potential employers.  Look to see if a number of jobs in the field are asking for certified EKG professionals.  If you see nurses are performing EKGs and the facility really isn’t interested in getting certified individuals, it may not make sense to pursue the certification, at least in the near term.  If however, your employer has initiated a program whereby they want everyone certified by a certain date, jump in and be one of the first!

When deciding whether to become EKG certified, it’s important to really look at your environment, your personal situation, and your immediate and long term goals.  This will allow you to determine your path forward.

If you do decide to pursue the certificate, we wish you good luck!

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    How long is the classes

  • EKG Tech Training December 30, 2014, 2:15 am

    I believe your EKG certification is probably not needed especially at first, but it would probably help your career in the long run.


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