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EKG Certification

Why should I get an EKG certification?

As mentioned on our home page, there are no formal education requirements for becoming an EKG Technician, however, you should have a high school diploma or GED, with an Associate’s Degree boosting your job prospects.

Once you are in the field, you can explore getting a certification to further enhance your chance of employment and advancement as a technician. While obtaining a certification or license is not required, it is recommended and often key to many employers, especially since some medical insurance companies, and Medicare, require the test to be performed by certified technicians for payment.

Being certified benefits you by…

  • Increasing your job opportunities
  • Providing you greater career stability
  • Allowing you to make more money
  • Enhancing your subject matter expertise

Let’s look at some of your certification options

There are multiple providers for recognized EKG certification.  Each tests the same body of knowledge and is viewed as equivalent within the health care field.  The two types of certification as well as the certifying authority is listed below.

Your choices for certification include…

To take the test, you need to…

    • have a high school diploma or GED
    • have met the experience/training requirements per the certification organization

The following table breaks down some of the key factors for some of the most recognized certifications.

CertificateIssuing Organization# Testing Centers# QuestionsCostTime to CompleteRecertificationPrerequisites
CCTCardiovascular Credentialing Internationalmore than 200 in US
3000 international
130$1602 hoursevery 3 years
16 credits
$150 total for 3 years
particular to the type of CCT desired. Check their site for more information
CETAmerican Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionalsnotified of closest location by issuing organizationunknown$100 application fee
$100 exam fee
2 hoursevery 2 years
$80 total for two years
high school diploma or equivalent, 6 months EKG experience, successful completion of EKG training program,
CETAmerican Society of Phlebotomy Techniciansunknownunknown$85 - 30 days in advance
$110 - less than 30 days
$130 - walkin
2 hoursunknownASPT member, 6 months practical experience performing EKGs, or a graduate of approved EKG program
CETNational Healthcareer Associationmore than 550 throughout US via PSIexams.com110$1052 hoursevery 2 years
10 credits
$79.50 per year
10 hours training/work experience of performing EKGs on live individuals